King BBQ - Vietnamese meal, Korean style

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    King BBQ is actually a restaurant chain of smoked hot pot dishes with Korean style No.1 in Vietnam today. You go to King BBQ most times, even attempt to go most of the facilities of King BBQ to attempt to taste food and find out if you eat baked right?

    Buffet of Vietnamese way of life at King BBQ

    King BBQ restaurant is developed as well as decorated in a minimalist, style that is modern, and of course, stands out as the bold style and color of way of life of Korea. The menu of King BBQ has over 100 dishes, from Asia to Europe, from meat, sea food, or even vegetables. More than 150 types of panchan are offered every day.

    King BBQ buffet style "sitdown buffet" very ideal for living in the eating habits of the Vietnamese. For a country 's culture, the inheritance and marketing serotonin in other places can also be worth attention. Korean culture appears in different places throughout Asia. So in Vietnam, how about King BBQ?


    How Vietnamese people enjoy Korean food at King BBQ

    Vietnamese folks also go to Korean barbeque to use the popular metal chopsticks. Metallic chopsticks are much better for heat-resistant meat, not being stained or scorched. The way that Vietnamese people enjoy the barbecue is the rolls of veggies, panchan, grilled meat, sauce and consumed at a bite. Don't be shy, it is the correct way to eat!


    In addition, it is a favorite kimchi, indispensable in any Korean restaurant any other person. Would you eat kimchi with meat? No, just bake it. Lastly, don't flip over the moment too. Vietnamese people like to consume meat cooked to. To feel the meat barbecue cooked, not dry but still soft, meat that is sweet, please go To King BBQ offline.

    New BBQ King has new premises at twenty, Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. For bookings, please call us immediately. Nice to serve you.


    Phone number: 024 6656 6626


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