Things you must know even more about Lan Ha Bay.

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    Tourists coming to Vietnam often believe Halong Bay as a must visited site due to its stunning islands & caves, nonetheless, there is another bay even offering you much more. It's Lan Ha Bay, situated in the east of Cat Ba Island and it progressively turns into an alternative for Halong Bay, because of the following facts:

    Lan Ha Bay may be the further part of Halong area, therefore, it's less touristy compared to the other components.
    Using up to 139 golden sandy shores, tiny but quite and isolated as pink straits, the bay generally turns up its charm inviting visitors to check out.
    Lan Ha Bay is a peaceful ocean with minute fishing villages present isolated from the rest of the earth.
    While Halong Bay is applied a strict policy, it is quite flexible in Lan Ha Bay. Your experience is unlimited, you do some water activities you can imagine, jumping down from the boat, going fishing with neighborhood, doing kayaking to anywhere you like to explore, diving or surfing and even rafting.

    How to get to Lan Ha Bay from Hanoi?
    Since the final time, to pay a visit to Lan Ha bay you need to receive from Hanoi to Cat Ba island and then take a day boat to enjoy Lan Ha Bay. Today, you are able to check out Lan Ha Bay on an overnight cruise without choosing to be on Cat Ba island, it might be handled from Got Pier to Lan Ha Bay.
    The most popular and easiest way is taking a bus from Hanoi: Good Morning Cat Ba (~350.000vnd/way), Cat Ba Express (340.000vnd/way) to Dinh Vu port.
    Another recommended option is using a personal van (good for big loved ones or team with kids. ~2.600.000VND/way (16 seat van). Take you simply ~2 hours because of Hanoi-Haiphong Expressway.
    At Dinh Vu port, get on a speedboat, also referred to as hydrofoil to Cai Vieng port on Cat Ba Island (~30 minutes). From the access issue Cat Ba, you can continue to go to Lan Ha Bay.

    How to enjoy Lan Ha Bay?
    You are able to in addition book a Lan Ha Bay 2 day one night or 3 days 2 night cruise, all meals, activities as well as tourist fee included. Lan Ha Bay Cruises are going to take you to the less crowded areas of the bay with untouched destinations and exciting activities
    Visit Tra Bau, an extremely perfect and remote spot in Lan Ha Bay. This is viewed as a heaven for kayaking. The best way to find out the brilliance of Lan Ha Bay is kayaking since your kayak empowers extremely close access, where other big boats cannot get to.

    The bamboo boat rides into Bright Cave, a serene round lake encompassed by trees and huge risky stone walls, which resembles a stadium surrounded by a very high platform.

    trekking and Cycling in Viet Hai to check out old houses, take photographs of forest trees or perhaps see individuals, buffalos working on the green fields.
    Swimming on Ba Trai Dao seaside or just jumping down from the boat.
    Fishing with locals: participate in fishing activities with local people; try utilizing fishing gears and reach a true fishing life.
    Besides, you can benefit from some other activities like visiting Cai Beo floating village, swimming at Van Boi Con island, diving in Ba Ham lake, mountain climbing in the global Rock climbing center or getting in to the Cat Ba island to go to the National park.

    If you don't have time, a day trip is worth following. The software can be: visiting Cai Beo floating village, then swimming on Van Boi swimming pool. Next, cruising to Ba Trai Dao area to kayak, take then, etc., and pictures Van Gia floating village after 20 minute sailing. You can lease a bamboo boat to take a look at the Dark cave (in case the sea level doesn't take care of the cave entrance) and Bright cave (like a lake surrounded by mountains).
    And do not overlook going to the Viet Hai village. After that, get back the boat to Monkey Island to enjoy swimming, watch the monkeys playing on the seaside.

    When is the very best time to stop by Lan Ha Bay?
    The best moment to stop by Lan Ha Bay is from March to October and June to November. This's once the sun mostly shines, making it possible for water activities. In January and December, the weather is regularly cloudy and cold, while in February, it's even drizzly and foggy. From July to September, the temperature is rather high, thus it may well be uncomfortable in doing activities. Furthermore, this is the high season of domestic tourism, for that reason just expect locals around you.

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